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Reston Masters Wins Colonies Zone Meet

April 8-10: In a monumental display of teamwork and determination RMST brings home the 1st place trophy in the large team division of the 2016 USMS Colonies Zone SCY Swimming Championships.


Coach Frank with 1st place trophy

For three days in April, seventy two Masters Swim Teams from the Mid-Atlantic States to the tip of Maine gathered at George Mason University’s Jim McKay Natatorium to test their swimming mettle. With a full year of training since last year’s Zone Meet and a solid taper RMST came loaded for bear.

On day one Reston’s distance swimmers put in stellar performances, posted many best times, but were fighting an uphill battle against a larger team who outscored them better than two to one. The question remained. Could RMST make up the deficit?

Day two saw a tectonic shift in scoring possibilities. RMST used its relay depth across age and gender to forge a relentless scoring machine. Everyone, young and old, expert and beginner, working as one contributed to the team’s final score and ultimate victory giving new meaning to the phrase, “the ties that bind”. A full 80% of RMST’s relays scored in the top three. By the end of day two Reston Masters was firmly in 1st Place and didn’t look back.


Members of the Reston Masters Team

But, a team cannot live on relays alone. Giving a yeoman effort 92% of Reston’s individual swims scored in the top eight. The distance wizards, Steve Moyer and Jim Desrosiers, swimming on the edge of possibility and with mechanical precision set the tone on day one. Tony Wynes showed that it pays to think big as he scored in his first ever 400 IM. Iron horse Larry Paulson gave a lesson in fearless determination as he swam eleven events to include the mile, all of the Backstrokes, all of the Butterflies, all of the IMs, and 200 BR. Lucy Manheim, grande dame of RMST, went undefeated in all six of her events. Blazing a trail for Reston Masters was Kim Brightwell who in addition to a perfect string of first places set three Colonies Zone records.

It was a weekend full of action with many victories large and small, every swim a story. Having set a solid foundation in the spring, we now set our sights…and dreams on the summer ahead.

Thanks to all who put it on the line for RMST at the Colonies Zone Meet!

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