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Pool Rules

No Pressure!

Basic Rule: This is a no pressure environment!
You can swim as hard or as easy as you want to. You are the only one who apply pressure to swim faster or farther.
If you want advice on how to swim faster or improve your stroke, the coach can answer any questions you may have.

Which Lane?

Basic Rule: Choose a lane in which you are challenged yet comfortable with the pace.

You can move up to a faster lane or down to a slower lane as needed. If you are getting lapped, you are probably in too fast a lane. The coach has the right to rearrange the lanes to optimize workouts.

Who Goes First?

Basic Rule: The fastest swimmers always go first.

When everyone in the lane swims in the correct order, a five-second interval between swimmers will allow everyone to swim and turn without interference.

If you have to slow down to keep from touching the feet of the swimmer in front of you, you are swimming a faster pace. You should touch the swimmer’s foot to let him/her know you are there. After the next rest interval, you should go before him/her. Conversely, if someone touches your foot, you should let him/her go ahead of you on the next swim. It is considered poor form to punch someone for touching your foot!

If you need to skip a swimming interval for any reason, don’t forget that with your additional rest you will probably be faster than those in front of you. Please negotiate the swimming order before starting the next interval.

Navigating Within The Lane

Basic Rule: Swim the lane in a circle.

Always stay to the right and close to the right-hand lane line so people coming the other way will have room. Treat the line at the bottom of the pool as though it were the line in the middle of a road.

When you turn, make sure you are slightly left of center as you turn and push off to avoid colliding with the swimmer behind you.

Following The Workout

Basic Rule: Everyone swims the same workout.

Workout distances and rest intervals are carefully selected to achieve conditioning goals and are tailored to each lane’s ability.

Modifying the workout is allowed provided you do not interfere with the other swimmers in your lane. If you want to swim a stroke that is different from the workout everyone else is following, you must find a way to do it without interfering with the other swimmers.

The rule is still one of common sense: if all of the swimmers in the lane decide they want to swim a different workout, they should. However, if even one member wants to swim the coach’s prescribed workout, it must prevail.


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