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Event Schedule

Timeline for Event Schedules

The information below outlines the planned schedule; however, closer to the race date, please note that there may be some final changes.

Saturday May 27, 2017: Open Water briefing plus Practice Swim

Estimated timelines for the weekend activities are listed below.

      • 8:00 am: Practice Swim Check-in Opens
      • 9:30 am: Practice Swim Briefing Begins
      • 9:45 am: Line-up for Practice Swim in Lake Audubon
      • 10:00 am: Practice swim begins
      • 11:00 am: Practice swim ends

Sunday, May 28, 2017: 1-Mile race, 2-Mile race

      • 6:00 am: Check-in opens (All Races)
      • 7:30 am: 1-Mile Check-in closes
      • 7:30 am: Briefing for 1-Mile race begins at starting line **
      • 7:45 am: Line-up for 1-Mile race at starting line ***
      • 8:00 am: 1-Mile race begins
      • 9:00 am: 1-Mile race ends
      • 9:15 am: 2-Mile Check-in closes
      • 9:15 am: Briefing for 2-Mile race begins at starting line **
      • 9:30 am: Line-up for 2-Mile race at starting line ***
      • 9:45 am: 2-Mile race begins
      • 11:45 am: 2-Mile race ends

** Swimmers will have an opportunity to remove sweat suits, etc. after the briefing and before they line up at the start.
*** Swimmers will have the opportunity to change between JMLS non-wetsuit (USMS Category I swimwear) and JMLS wetsuit (USMS Category II swimwear) divisions in the lineup prior to race start.


JMLS Swim Event


JMLS 2017 Event Information:


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