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Indoor venue variety until November

Urgent! In order to continue swimming with us this fall, please fill out the Google Form to get yourself rostered at the various pools we’ll use until November! We have secured lane space at Herndon CC on Tuesdays (8:30-9:30pm), Claude Moore Rec Center on Thursdays (7:30-9pm), Herndon CC on Saturdays (5-6pm), Cub Run Rec Center Sunday Mornings (7:30-9am) and the YMCA in Reston on Sunday evenings (7-8 pm). Once we move back to Reston Community Center (projected to be early November), our schedule will become consistent and steady in ONE POOL! For now, however, again, it is urgent that you please fill out the Google Form. We will only share this info with the pools that have requested it, NOWHERE else! Thank you for your patience as we continue to await the renovated pool at RCC!

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